Our innovative products help turn dispersed, inaccurate, disorganized data into useful intelligence to improve your business.

Concord ProTM Conflation Solution

With Concord ProTM, you achieve a high degree of accuracy in spatial data. The proprietary, fuzzy logic-based conflation algorithm translates data, and then a software-assisted realignment process performs reviews when required. Drawing on two decades of refinement, Concord ensures an efficient and cost-effective path to clean data.


Simplify how you conduct field surveys and audits. ExporGIS is a tablet-based field data collection application that helps you complete survey and audit projects on time, with a high degree of data accuracy and significant cost savings. Learn More


AQMS is a cloud-based Quality Management solution designed to ensure your GIS data stays accurate.  AQMS provides management dashboards, tools and reports, which aggregate data from your systems to provide visibility into the quality of your GIS network/data.  AQMS not only isolates issues in your data but our value added services will correct your data to ensure you maintain the highest possible quality.   AQMS integrates with ESRI, SpatialNET, Bentley, GE Smallworld and other GIS platforms. Learn More


ProWorks is a comprehensive project management software for managing projects or large program with unique Spatial Intelligence. This software was conceptualized by experts in the field who have ensured that the features in software enable managing all the nuances of projects, objectively. Learn More

Dataworks Data Purification Solution

Poor data quality costs businesses billions of dollars every year from avoidable mistakes, bad decisions, and lost opportunities. Dataworks combines a comprehensive ETL (extract, transform, load) module with web-based reporting to ensure accurate data for optimal decision making.


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